When Fields Collide

I've always been bad at art. I have too many thoughts on how something should or could be done that I end up restarting a million times over.

So, instead, I let chaos take the wheel and make art for me. I'm simply an observer who cherrypicks the best moments.


About Me

Hi! I'm Henry Lane! I'm a senior at Pennsbury High School. Thanks for coming to my page!

My research interests lie in star formation theory in the context of giant molecular clouds & investigating simulated magnetorotational instabilities (MRI) of experimental setups. At STARFORGE, I work under the direction of Dr. Mike Grudić to answer questions at the forefront of star formation research. My work on MRI is done at PPPL under the direction of Dr. Erik Gilson.



I generate all of the images on this page. Many of the tools I use as a basis for visualization can be freely found on the internet (and via the STARFORGE Project)!


For any inquiries, please email me at hlane17phys (at) gmail (dot) com



Current & Previous

- Research Assistant, STARFORGE Project.          |  Feb. 3rd 2021 - Present

- Research Intern, Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory.   |  Sept. 7th 2021 - Present

- Summer Researcher, CIERA at Northwestern University.   |  Jun. 1st - Aug. 31st, 2021

(Significant overlap with work done with the STARFORGE Project under the direction of Dr. Mike Grudić)